Hardwood cuttings

Today I started planting hardwood cuttings of red, yellow and copper twigged dogwood, bittersweet, sycamore and 2 pieces of Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick that were gnawed off my tiny new tree by a dog (ARRRGH!). I don’t expect Harry to root but I just couldn’t bear to part with the beautiful contorted twigs. Dealing with hardwood cuttings makes me nervous, as there are several different ways to do it, each of which seeming to defy the logic of the others and leaving me unsure whether I’m doing anything right. Will they be doomed since they were stored in a Rubbermaid tote in an unheated room rather than under ground? Were they harmed by temperature fluctuations? And now that they are planted outside will random night-time lows in the teens do them in? These are just a few of the questions that plague me about this underused propagation method. But in spite of all the uncertainty, I plan to keep on taking hardwood cuttings because A. It’s the only thing resembling gardening I can do in this climate in winter, and B. It’s low tech, requiring no artificial heat or light and I find that very attractive.