I am still very much so a morning person. However, the moon and night skies have recently been alarmingly impressive and consistently expansive. Real night-time observers will note that nothing has changed in the sky – and it’s rather my perception that has altered.

Nights are earlier as the days are shortened. This gives me more time to be in the night. Driving home is now a dusk to dark commute. Letting Dopple into the workshop for dinner means a short walk in the evening. Or sometimes longer if Dops doesn’t wish to be found.  I find these quick immersions into the cool country night to be calming. The gardens sleep. The owls wake. A set of four flashing LED lights can be seen in the Willow bed – a new attempt to frighten away destructive deer.

Silhouettes of trees and the old forgotten house across the street are punctuated by the curl of the moon. It’s a passive moon. Passing through the night and pausing to chat a bit with a trees and me.


  1. ann says:

    Don’t forget the trips to the outhouse, always a nice time to watch the moon and stars, but don’t dawdle too long or you might just find yourself frozen to the seat.

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