Market Spaces: Granville Island, Vancouver

Earlier this year, near Spring Break, Anne and I found ourselves traveling to Vancouver. We wanted to go somewhere we had never been before and somewhere a bit warmer than the midwest in March. Reasonably inexpensive flights were found, and we were off.

canadian flag with dramatic clouds

When we travel, we often find ourselves on the lookout for market spaces like NewBo Market. Vancouver did not disappoint with Granville Island Public Market. We too want the experience associated with these vibrant market spaces — the variety, the artistry, the refurbished structure, the ecosystem of a community. The community is probably the most interesting aspect, though the structure is what I notice first.

Granville Market in Vancouver

I suppose it’s not 100% necessary for these spaces to be born from relic warehouses, or factories, but I really like when they are. The connection to location and history gives Markets like Granville Island and NewBo a real belonging. The site was there waiting to be explored and enjoyed, waiting for a purpose. It’s such a different atmosphere from locations built on the outskirts of town with parking lots as landscape. It’s a place you want to be.

granville market produce granville market nut merchant granville market popup cards artist

And then there is the community. Vancouver is a large city with an impressive array of cultural diversity. This diverse community is reflected in the shops that fill the space. The community here decided they needed no fewer than five coffee shops, specialty eateries, an abundance of produce and small artists filling the space with their unique perspectives and talents. Nice show Vancouver. Thanks for all the coffee.