Not Yet Ripe Kiwano Horn Melon

We were doing a little garden cleaning and this kiwano horn melon was sacrificed for better garden path clearance. The lemon cucumbers are perfectly ripe and so abundant it’s almost comical. [singlepic id=396 w=400 h= float=] Click the image for larger view The vines of the Kiwano’s have grown considerably well. They really want to […]

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banana melon cut open

Banana Melon, Wha?

Close readers will remember we planted a few new melon varieties this year. I don’t expect we have any really close readers, so to recap, we planted MN Midget Melon, Pepino Melon, Kiwano Horn Melon and Banana Melon. All but the Pepino have more than taken their fair share of garden space. The Pepino have […]

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New Garden Plot

It’s kinda big. We figured since Chris Musgrave was coming to till up the grape rows we might as well have him till a new garden bed as well. We might have gone over-board on size. It’s about 100×25. Anne has already moved some perennials in since this picture was taken. The tilling was great. […]

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