Drifted Door of the Workshop

Drifting Sculptures

The wind and snow are sculpting the landscape here in the Midwest. I do like snow drifts, as long as I don’t need to move them. And even when I do have to move them, I am impressed by their size and contour. (I am also annoyed by their mass when shoveling or tractoring).

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Freezing Fog

We’ve been having a few days of freezing fog lately. Makes for some neat photos. Make sure you click the 4 corner button near the bottom right to view full screen — looks better that way. If the above slideshow doesn’t work for you (mom), these same pictures can be found on our flickr site.

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Buddha Isn’t Cold

The Buddha doesn’t feel cold the way we mortals do. But somehow I feel he would not like to be completely buried in the drifts. Yep, I attribute feelings to a cement garden statue. I can’t help it. He looks so pensive, and no drift should compromise that. [singlepic id=197 w=400 h= float=] Anne and […]

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Winter Comes

I find myself recomposing this entry. I had it set to publish on the 31st of November. I think that confused the system and now the post is nowhere to be found. No matter. Winter has still come. In the first version of this post, I reflected on my poor winter photography. I’ll let you […]

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First Big Snow

I alluded to the snow in my last post. It has come. It is the wet, heavy, stick-to-everything variety helping to create a winter wonderland in the country. I ventured out into the cloudy-yet-cozy landscape and took a few pictures. I’m not very good at winter photographs. I would like to blame it on the […]

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hoop house

Hoop House Collapse

The holiday weekend is nearly over. The leftovers are nearly finished. Time to get back to work! A bunch of snow welcomed us home to Iowa yesterday. A different bunch of snow ushered us out of Colorado. Snow seems to have hastened the collapse of poorly structured hoop house in the garden. The wind helped […]

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